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Pellet Boiler Igniters

The Torbo® Application:Pellet Boiler Igniters,wood pellet boiler,wood pellet burner,wood pellet grill,wood pellet furnace,wood pellet smoker. Our pellet boiler igniters offer superior performance and features. First of all, its lifespan is exceptionally long. After 50,000 3-minute opening and closing tests, it still remains intact without any damage or performance degradation. Secondly, the igniter is efficient and fast, reaching an ignition temperature of 1000°C in just 40 seconds, ensuring a fast and efficient ignition process. In addition, its thermal performance is extremely stable and can be continuously maintained in the temperature range of 1100-1200°C without performance degradation or aging. The igniter has high strength, high toughness and high hardness, as well as excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance, ensuring its long-term and reliable use. Finally, our products have obtained CE and RoHS certification and comply with relevant standards to ensure quality, safety and reliability.

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Product Description

The Torbo®Pellet Boiler Igniters

Pellet boiler igniters are vital components in modern biomass heating systems, specifically designed for igniting wood pellets, a sustainable and efficient fuel source. These igniters play a crucial role in initiating combustion in pellet boilers, stoves, and furnaces. Here's an overview of pellet boiler igniters:Function: Pellet boiler igniters are responsible for igniting the wood pellets used as fuel in biomass heating systems. They generate the intense heat required to start the combustion process efficiently, ensuring a reliable and eco-friendly heating solution.Longevity: These igniters are known for their durability, capable of withstanding numerous ignition cycles. They can endure thousands of ignition sequences without suffering damage or performance degradation, making them a cost-effective and dependable choice.Efficiency: Pellet boiler igniters are highly efficient. They rapidly reach the required ignition temperature, often achieving 1000°C in a matter of seconds, ensuring quick and effective ignition of the wood pellets.Stable Thermal Performance: Maintaining consistent thermal performance is a hallmark of pellet boiler igniters. They operate within a steady temperature range of 1100-1200°C, with no significant decline in performance over time. This stability contributes to reliable and continuous heating.Material Strength: These igniters are constructed from materials characterized by high strength, toughness, and hardness. Additionally, they exhibit resistance to oxidation and corrosion, ensuring their longevity and performance in challenging heating environments.Certifications: Many pellet boiler igniters comply with industry standards and safety regulations. Some may hold certifications such as CE (Conformité Européenne) and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), which validate their quality and safety.Pellet boiler igniters have become essential components in biomass heating systems, providing efficient and eco-friendly solutions for residential and commercial heating needs. Their reliability, longevity, and high-performance features make them a key element in the transition to sustainable and renewable heating technologies.

Item:Wood pellet igniter

Application:Wood pellet stove,wood pellet boiler,wood pellet burner,wood pellet grill,wood pellet furnace,wood pellet smoker


Material:Hot Pressed Silicon Nitride



Metal thread size:G3/8 with blowing hole

Silicon nitride body size:10.8x3.8x88mm;total length:122mm

Holder:alumina ceramic with SUS304 stainless steel

Lead Wire:450℃ resistence(UL certified) ,length:as requested.

CE and RoHS certified


1.Pellet Boiler Igniters made by China factory has very long life span,no breakage and no attenuation after 50000cycles of 3minutes on and 3minutes off

2.High efficiency,40s reach 1000℃

3.Stable thermal function,steady temperature 1100-1200℃,no attenuation and non aging.

4.High strength,toughness and hardness,anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion

5.CE and RoHS certified

Torbo Ceramic is ready to provide our best quality Pellet Boiler Igniters Fixtures to all customers around the world.


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