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pellet stove igniter

The pellet stove igniter is efficient and durable. It only takes 40 seconds to reach a high temperature of 1000℃. The thermal performance is stable and it can continuously maintain the temperature range of 1100-1200℃ without any temperature or power loss.

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Product Description

The Torbo® Pellet stove igniters

Item: pellet stove igniter

pellet stove igniters are suitable for applications such as wood pellet stoves, wood pellet boilers, wood pellet burners, wood pellet grills, wood pellet furnaces and wood pellet smokers. Material options include hot-pressed silicon nitride and Incoloy800 stainless steel. Voltages are available including 230V, 120V and 24V. Product power range is wide, including 230W, 250W, 280W, 300W, 330W, 350W and 400W. Brackets made of alumina ceramics and SUS304 stainless steel or alumina ceramics. Standard G3/8'' thread size, the cable has 550℃ heat resistance (UL certification), and the length can be customized according to needs. In addition, the products have passed CE and RoHS certifications, ensuring their quality and compliance.


1)Very long life span,no breakage and no attenuation after 150000cycles of life testing
2)High efficiency,40s reach 1000℃
3)Stable thermal function,no thermal and power attenuation,steady temperature 1100-1200℃.
4)High strength,toughness and hardness,anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion
5)CE and RoHS certified 

Reliable ignition:

Pellet Stove Igniters are manufactured with the highest quality materials, ensuring they're built to last. They increase the efficiency of pellet stoves by ensuring that the pellets ignite quickly and efficiently, minimizing the risk of problems with carbon deposits or other issues that can affect the performance of your pellet stove. The high-quality ceramic construction of the igniters guarantees reliable, fast, and safe ignition that ensures you always have a warm and comfortable home to come back to.

Ease of installation:

Pellet Stove Igniters are designed for easy installation. They are compatible with many types of pellet stoves, and the installation process is straightforward and can be completed by anyone, whether they're a professional or a DIY enthusiast. The easy-to-follow instructions make the installation process seamless and fast so that you can start using your pellet stove instantly.


Pellet Stove Igniters are suitable for both residential and commercial settings, making them the ideal choice for various heating applications. They're also compatible with a variety of pellet stove models, sizes, and brands, making them versatile enough to meet the unique heating demands of any space.


In addition to providing reliable and quick ignition, Pellet Stove Igniters are cost-effective. They're affordable and built to last. You can enjoy many years of reliable performance with minimal maintenance or replacement costs. Pellet Stove Igniters help you save more money while keeping your home or business warm and comfortable.

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