Wood Pellet Stove

Wood Pellet Stove

Application areas: Torbo® wood pellet stoves manufactured in China factories are suitable for wood pellet stoves, wood pellet boilers, wood pellet burners, wood pellet grills, wood pellet furnaces and wood pellet smokers.

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Product Description


The wood pellet stove igniter has a very long service life. After 50,000 3-minute on and 3-minute off tests, it still remains intact without damage or performance degradation.

High-efficiency ignition: It only takes 40 seconds to reach a high temperature of 1000°C for ignition, ensuring rapid and efficient ignition.

Thermal performance is stable and reliable: the igniter continues to maintain a temperature range of 1100-1200°C without performance degradation or aging.

It has high strength, high toughness and hardness, as well as excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance.

Passed CE and RoHS certification to ensure product quality and compliance.

The Torbo® Wood Pellet Stove

Item:Wood pellet igniter

Application:Wood pellet stove,wood pellet boiler,wood pellet burner,wood pellet grill,wood pellet furnace,wood pellet smoker
Material:Hot Pressed Silicon Nitride
Holder:alumina ceramic or alumina ceramic with stainless steel Lead Wire:450℃ resistence(UL certified) ,length:as requested.

CE and RoHS certified 

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