Wood Pellet Ceramic Igniter
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Wood Pellet Ceramic Igniter

The wood pellet ceramic igniter is a device used to light up wood pellets for various applications such as heating, cooking, and smoking. The igniter is made of a ceramic body that is resistant to heat and electricity. You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Wood Pellet Ceramic Igniter. Torbo look forward to cooperating with you.

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Product Description

Wood Pellet Ceramic Igniter

A wood pellet ceramic igniter is a specialized type of igniter used in wood pellet stoves and boilers. It is a small, electrically powered device that provides a consistent and reliable source of heat to ignite the wood pellets. The ceramic igniter usually consists of a heating element made of silicon nitride ceramic, which is surrounded by a protective sheath to prevent damage from the burning pellets.

The wood pellet ceramic igniter is typically connected to a controller, which monitors and regulates the temperature of the combustion chamber. When the temperature drops below a certain threshold, the controller will activate the igniter, which will then heat up to around 1000°C in just a few seconds. This intense heat will ignite the wood pellets, which will then burn to create heat and energy to warm the room or supply hot water.

The advantages of wood pellet ceramic igniters are numerous, including their fast ignition times, low energy consumption, and excellent reliability. They are also highly durable, with a long lifespan compared to traditional metal igniters. Ceramic igniters offer safe, efficient, and eco-friendly ignition solutions for wood pellet stoves and boilers.

Overall, wood pellet ceramic igniters are essential components in wood pellet stoves and boilers, providing a reliable, high-performance, and efficient ignition source. Their many advantages make them a popular choice for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy bills while still enjoying the benefits of alternative heating solutions.

The Torbo® Wood Pellet Ceramic Igniter

Item:Wood Pellet Ceramic Igniter

Application:Wood pellet stove,wood pellet boiler,wood pellet burner,wood pellet grill,wood pellet furnace,wood pellet smoker


Material:Hot Pressed Silicon Nitride



Silicon nitride body size:17x4x168mm

Holder:alumina ceramic,the shape and size as request.

Lead Wire:450℃ resistence(UL certified) ,length:as requested.

CE and RoHS certified

Wood Pellet Ceramic Igniter Advantage:

1.The Torbo® wood pellet igniter made in China has very long life span,no breakage and no attenuation after 50000cycles of 3minutes on and 3minutes off

2.High efficiency,40s reach 1000℃

3.Stable thermal function,steady temperature 1100-1200℃,no attenuation and non aging.

4.High strength,toughness and hardness,anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion

5.CE and RoHS certified

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