Gas Igniter

Gas Igniter

Application areas: Torbo® gas igniters made in China are suitable for use in gas dryers, gas stoves, gas ovens, HVAC systems, gas grills, gas furnaces, gas stoves, gas boilers and gas burners. Torbo® gas igniters have a very long service life, with no breakage or performance degradation, even after 100,000 30 second on and 2 minute off cycles.

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Product Description

The Torbo® Gas igniter

Item:Hot surface igniter

Application:Gas clothes dryer,gas ranges,gas oven,HVAC systems,gas grills,gas furnace,gas stove,gas boiler,gas burner



Material:Silicon nitride

Holder:alumina ceramic(with steel),shape and size as request.

High efficiency,reach 1000℃ in 17 seconds

Lead Wire:450℃ resistence(UL certified) ,length:as requested.

Our China-made Torbo® gas igniters have outstanding performance advantages: extremely durable, withstanding 100,000 30-second on and 2-minute off cycle tests without breakage or performance degradation; large high-temperature ignition area to ensure 100% success Ignition; extremely high ignition efficiency, reaching a high temperature of 1000°C in only 17 seconds; maintaining stable thermal performance, the temperature continues to be within the range of 1100-1200°C, without performance degradation or aging; it also has high strength, toughness and Hardness, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion capabilities.

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