Ceramic High-temperature Glow Plug
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Ceramic High-temperature Glow Plug

The Torbo® Ceramic High-Temperature Glow Plug, produced by a Chinese factory, accelerates the attainment of elevated temperatures for a rapid engine ignition. It's important to emphasize that well-maintained, top-quality glow plugs play a significant role in substantially reducing the emission of exhaust gases from your vehicle, thereby minimizing your environmental footprint.

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Product Description

The Ceramic High-temperature Glow Plug, featuring a heating element made of Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) and stainless steel components, operates at 7/11V with a power range of 40-50W. Its remarkable ability to reach temperatures of 1000℃ in less than 3 seconds, with a maximum temperature of up to 1250℃, is achieved through quality materials and an innovative production process, ensuring a long lifespan. These ceramic glow plugs offer a swift and sustained heating performance, making them an eco-friendly choice by reducing exhaust emissions for a minimal environmental footprint.

Key Features

Made in China Torbo® Ceramic High-temperature Glow Plug allow the glow plugs to reach higher temperatures faster for quick engine starts; nickel-plated rolled threads increase strength and prevent seizure

Seals, which protect the coils from damage caused by exhaust gases, thus prolonging the service life.

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