Alumina Ceramic Igniter for Pellet Stove
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Alumina Ceramic Igniter for Pellet Stove

You can rest assured to buy Alumina Ceramic Igniter for Pellet Stove from our factory.An alumina ceramic igniter for a pellet stove is a component used to ignite the fuel pellets in a pellet stove, typically used for heating. Alumina ceramic is a material known for its high-temperature resistance and electrical insulating properties, making it a suitable choice for this application.

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Product Description

Alumina Ceramic Igniter for Pellet Stove

Alumina Ceramic Igniter for Pellet Stove, also known as ceramic ignition electrode, is a kind of ignition component used in pellet stoves. The selection of an alumina ceramic igniter for a pellet stove should consider factors such as the stove's design, ignition system requirements, and the desired operating temperature range. Proper maintenance and care are essential to ensure the longevity and reliable performance of the igniter in the pellet stove.

The Torbo® Alumina Ceramic Igniter for Pellet Stove, designated as the GD-3-222 model, is designed for use in a range of wood pellet heating and burning systems, including wood pellet stoves, boilers, burners, grills, furnaces, and smokers. It serves as a critical component for initiating the combustion process of wood pellets. Here are the key specifications and features of this igniter:Material: The igniter is constructed from high-quality, hot-pressed silicon nitride, known for its excellent thermal properties and durability.Voltage Options: It is available in two voltage options, 120V and 230V, to suit different power supply configurations.Power Range: The igniter is offered in various power ratings, including 200W, 250W, 300W, 350W, and 400W, allowing for flexibility in heating performance.Ceramic Flange: The igniter features a 17.7mm ceramic flange with a blowing hole, which aids in the ignition process.Silicon Nitride Body: The core of the igniter is made of silicon nitride, with dimensions of 10.8x3.8x90mm, and a total length of 122mm.Holder: It is equipped with an alumina ceramic holder, providing support and stability.Lead Wire: The lead wire is UL-certified and designed to withstand temperatures up to 450℃. The length of the lead wire can be customized as needed.Certifications: The Torbo® Wood Pellet Igniter is CE and RoHS certified, ensuring its compliance with safety and environmental standards.This igniter plays a crucial role in the efficient and reliable ignition of wood pellets, contributing to the functionality and performance of wood pellet heating systems. It offers a range of voltage and power options to meet specific heating requirements and can be tailored to suit various applications. Additionally, its high-quality construction and certifications underscore its safety and reliability for use in wood pellet stoves, boilers, grills, and other similar systems.


The Torbo® Alumina Ceramic Igniter for Pellet Stove manufactured in China has an impressively long lifespan with no breakages even after 50,000 cycles of 3 minutes on and 3 minutes off. Its efficiency is remarkable, reaching 1000℃ in just 40 seconds. It has a stable and reliable thermal function, keeping a steady temperature of 1100-1200℃ with no attenuation or aging。Additionally, it is highly durable and tough, with excellent strength and resistance to oxidation and corrosion. The Torbo® pellet igniter is certified by both CE and RoHS, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.



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