Hot Surface Igniter, Pellet Stove Igniter, Pellet Boiler Igniter are provided by Torbo, we are the manufacturer and suppplier in China. On the basis of providing best quality products to domestic various industries customers, The Company has establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationships with The U.S.A, Italy,Germany, Russia, South Korea, Canada, Malaysia and other countries.
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hot surface igniters

hot surface igniters

Our gas appliance and heating system igniter offers exceptional durability, maintaining full functionality even after enduring 100,000 cycles of 30 seconds on and 2 minutes off. With a robust ignition system and a rapid heating capability, it ensures a 100% success rate in igniting gas appliances, reaching 1000℃ in just 17 seconds. Moreover, it maintains consistent thermal performance, with a steady temperature range of 1100-1200℃ and no signs of aging.
5.High strength,toughness and hardness,anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion
Welcome to buy The Torbo® hot surface igniters from us China factory.

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