Encounter of silicon nitride ceramic substrate and new energy vehicle.


With the rapid development of modern power electronics technology characterized by high voltage, high current and high frequency, the heat dissipation efficiency of power modules applied to this technology has become more critical. Silicon nitride ceramic substrate material in electronic packaging system is the key to efficient heat dissipation, and it should have high strength and high reliability in order to cope with the complexity of the working environment.
In recent years, there have been large-scale production and widely used ceramic substrates: Al2O3, BeO, SiC, Si3N4, AlN.

Silicon nitride ceramic substrate is recognized as the best ceramic substrate material with high thermal conductivity and high reliability. 

The form and pattern of global automobile are being reshaped. The development of "electrification, intelligence, interconnection and sharing" of automobile in the 5G era has become an irresistible trend. New energy vehicles need silicon nitride ceramic substrate, and silicon nitride ceramic substrate will be in the future for a long time, with the wave of new energy vehicles to glow and heat.

Silicon nitride ceramic substrate

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