What is a Gas Oven Igniter?



Gas ovens are an essential appliance for any kitchen. But have you experienced the frustration of trying to light your oven without success? If you have, then you know that a malfunctioning gas oven igniter is one of the main culprits behind the problem. In this blog post, we will explore what a gas oven igniter is and how to troubleshoot common problems.

What is a Gas Oven Igniter?

A gas oven igniter is a device that ignites the gas inside the oven to produce the heat required for cooking. The igniter is located near the gas burner and functions by heating up to the point where it glows hot. Once it reaches a certain temperature, it ignites the gas, producing the flame needed to cook food inside the oven.

Common Issues with Gas Oven Igniters:

1.    Failure to Heat Up: If you notice that your gas oven's igniter appears to be functioning but isn't heating up, you may have a problem with the igniter's electrical circuit. This could be because of a faulty wiring connection, a blown fuse, or even a failed control board. Troubleshooting these issues will require the skills of a professional technician.

2.    Weak or Intermittent Flame: A weak or intermittent flame is a common issue when the igniter is beginning to fail. A weak flame is usually characterized by a small flame that burns inefficiently, takes a long time to heat up or doesn't heat up at all. If you encounter this problem, check for a cracked igniter, or replace the igniter altogether if it's beyond repair.

3.    Little to no Heat: Another issue faced by gas ovens with faulty igniters is a lack of heat. If your oven has the gas on but isn't heating, there's a high probability that the igniter needs replacing. If the igniter doesn't glow at all, it's a clear sign that it needs replacing. If it only glows weakly, you might need to replace it in the future.

How to Replace Your Gas Oven Igniter:

Replacing a gas oven igniter is a simple process that doesn't require any specialized skills. You'll need a screwdriver, a new igniter, and patience. Start by disconnecting the oven from the power source. Then proceed to remove the grates, burners, and racks to gain access to the igniter. The igniter is held in place using screws, which you'll need to unscrew to remove the old igniter. Simply unplug the old igniter, and replace it with the new one in the opposite order.


A gas oven with a functional igniter will cook food efficiently, while a faulty igniter will cause problems that are both frustrating and time-consuming. By following the simple troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, and replacing your igniter if necessary, you can get your gas oven back to working order in no time. Remember, if you're not comfortable doing the repairs yourself, be sure to contact a professional technician to help you resolve the issue.